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What is a Neighborhood Sponsorship?

Last Updated: May 21, 2018 02:20PM PDT
Sponsoring a neighborhood on Nextdoor allows you to place your ad in neighborhoods you’d like to target. You can also post directly into the Nextdoor newsfeed of the neighborhoods you’re sponsoring. Your ad placements will show up in three different places, and your posts will show up in the newsfeed and the digest emails. These ads will serve to build brand awareness within the community, keeping sponsoring agents top of mind for residents as they make their next real estate decision. 

Members of Nextdoor are real people with verified addresses, so you know your brand is being seen by residents of the community in which you’re active. Nextdoor is an ideal place for real estate agents to build authentic connections with residents directly in their communities.

Neighborhood Sponsorship is not exclusive. Up to five real estate agents may purchase a Neighborhood Sponsorship within the same ZIP area

What can I expect from a Neighborhood Sponsorship?

Neighborhood Sponsorship offers the following benefits for real estate agents: 
  • Ad placements serve to build brand awareness within the community.
  • Posting as a Neighborhood Sponsor allows you to begin a conversation with neighbors, highlighting your expertise. You can post twice a month into the newsfeed, and list up to four open houses a month.
  • Sponsoring agents are top of mind for residents as they make their next real estate decision. 
  • Members can ask sponsors direct questions, allowing sponsors to build authentic relationships with members of their community. 
  • Responding to questions from neighbors allows agents to demonstrate their knowledge to the entire neighborhood. 
  • The members being served your sponsorship are verified residents of the ZIP area you purchased. 

To purchase a Neighborhood Sponsorship, click here. 


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Last Updated: May 21, 2018 02:20PM PDT
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